Help for single moms

Does anyone know if there are any organizations available to help single moms while they are in school for temporary assistance (besides K-tap)

My daughter is trying to get through school and has 6 months to go. Her student loan money is late and she is chewing her nails trying to save her house. She doesn’t want to move, because of taking her son out of his school. She does not want to lose her home. She only has 6 months left to get through school.

This seems like a good bet for negotiating with the mortgage company, as long as she hasn’t missed a lot of payments already. If she knows the loan money is coming, I see no reason she should have to lose the house (but of course, I’m not at the mortgage company!)

Also, some schools have “emergency loan” programs through financial aid to at least get her some gas/food money, which would help temporarily.

Tell her to hang in there and make friends at the financial aid office – depending on the school, they’ll sometimes have some sympathy and work with her. One of my students would always manage to get his loan check early, because his financial aid advisor would watch out for it and call as soon as it came in.

Good luck!