Unifund Phony Fresno attorneys.

They attorneys sued me after I sent Unifund a verification of debt letter to which I NEVER received a response. They won cause I did not receive the summons.

The “Unifraud company” is a consolidator and creates debts out of thin air. I checked with California attorney general after I went to visit a company in San Jose, CA. Shortly after that I had two cards for each of the ones mentioned to the company. I NEVER signed any papers nor did I tell them more than I had card x, card y……..

BTW The clock is clicking on the Fresno attorneys and time will soon be up. With the current financial “crash” let’s hit all of them with multiple demands for confirmation of debt. AND if you have very low income go to your local court and ask to receive fee free legal filings.

Surely they had to show the courts some verification that they served you with the summons? Signed paper by a process server, or registered mail receipt that you had signed?