You always should get the policy and the monthly deductions

Not sure how you can lose money, if you have life insurance even if your rep quits the business the policy is still in your name and owned by you. If you had a loan you got money you need to pay it. If you have a mutual fund its your money, and in your account. The rep just brings your money to the mutual fund company and gives it to them where they set up an account in your name.

When you buy an insurance policy you always should get the policy and the monthly deductions to pay for the insurance should link you to an account number. If you have a mutual fund your account is with the mutual fund company not the primerica rep. And all 401Ks should send monthly or quarterly statements as to how your account is doing. If you transferred money into an account then you should be able to find an account number. If they are deducting funds from your account you can always just call them and get the account number.

Folks, you have to keep documentation of the things you buy and the stuff you have. If you lose these important documents you can and should not really blame anyone but yourself. I am sorry to say that, but in all my financial struggles in life thats one thing for sure that I have learned. Keep your paperwork, its not your reps responsibility its yours!